Unit Engineering-Cente


«The competitiveness of a company is measured by its ability to put its customers at the centre of all its preoccupations and to adapt its processes accordingly


We are developing a software platform for the management of business processes and customer relations. This platform can be easily adapted to all kinds of processes and industry segments.

It facilitates the automation of business processes in line with internal requirements as well as with the expectations of our partners’ end customers. The results are immediate:

- Customers are satisfied and loyal and will, in turn, recommend our partners’ services to their circles.
- Operating costs are reduced, sometimes even halved.

The Software Platform: Semeion

More than software, Semeion is a philosophy, a new approach in the world of business process management and customer relations. Semeion permits a horizontal or trans-sectoral approach to core business areas where, traditionally, market software sets out to solve a highly specific problem. Semeion helps to eliminate information silos in companies that impede the exchange of information between departments which results in inadequate staff and less system productivity.

Semeion consists of:

  • A module for the handling of transactional processes
  • A module for the management of interaction between people, departments but also with end customers
  • Interfaces to integrate Semeion into your current infrastructure

A set of specific software modules for:

  • Communication channel management (paper, e-mail, eInvoices, Internet, SMS, etc.)
  • Stock management
  • Monitoring your hardware and software infrastructure
  • Archiving your document flows and monitoring whether documents are up to date
  • Planning management
  • Central management of all your data with a view to creating company-specific operational reports
  • Promotion of your services on the Internet and intranet (including social networks)
  • Management of information regarding the quality of your suppliers and the satisfaction of your customers

SERVICES: Professional Back-Up Services

With our software platform, we deliver professional services:
  • Analysis of your current situation and your future needs
  • Consulting
  • Project management
  • Integration of the new software platform and launch of new business processes
  • Development of specific new functions
  • Long-term monitoring to measure the results and to make any necessary adjustments that will secure the future of your company and its competitiveness

SERVICES: Business Process as a Service (BPaaS)

Management of the IT infrastructure is often a headache for operational departments. That’s why our secure, high-performance computing centres are available to you. In this way, the software platform and the processes become services that are in line with your needs. This frees you up to concentrate on your core activities by handing over the technical worries to our team of experts.