Innovative and comprehensive thinking, project-specific guiding


With the opportunities to communicate having quadrupled within a generation, there is more and more of an information influx on consumers. The change in media use is leading to a fragmentation of target markets. It is becoming more and more difficult to address customers effectively. At the same time, it is imperative as ever to establish and maintain close contact with existing and potential customers. Thanks to many years of experience in the consulting and control of one-to-one marketing activities, we are very familiar with these requirements.


Consulting and services in the fields of CRM, marketing technology, IT and marketing Research rank among the primary core competences. Together with leading partners in the fields of eBusiness, company consulting and brand consulting, we form a network of companies, each complementing the other, with an optimal portfolio of services.


The organization forms the basis for successful consulting and project realization. Our customers can use the spectrum of services that pdc offers on a full-service basis or they can focus on modular, long-term or single projects. We have access to specialists from all fields of expertise who work together with our customers in a results-oriented manner.  This guarantees the highest degree of competency in all phases of the tasks to be formed.